Need analysis

Our team of experts can guide you through choosing the right technology for your business. To achieve this, we start off by understanding your business goals and strategic solution in order to determine the computing solutions that best meets your needs.

Hardware and software

We supply a comprehensive range of computer hardware, software and accessories. We focus on providing quality brands, competitive prices and fast affordable delivery. Discover all of our products in the online store.


The reality is that technology failures happen no matter what steps are taken to avert them. Therefore, we provide ongoing support to ensure your systems run when and how you need them to.

Sonimac is committed to establishing long-term relationships that extend beyond just integration and implementation. Our broad expertise spans diverse technologies, so whether by phone, email, fax, or onsite, we can help.

Our full range of system maintenance options allow you a flexible choice of solutions that best meet your needs. We will work to understand your service needs and cost constraints in order to provide guidance in selecting the most appropriate service solutions and support strategies.


Each company has unique technology and business processes and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our seasoned consultants work as a team with you to determine the best solution. Our goal is to offer the support you need to help you achieve your objectives. Our consultants are responsive, practical, efficient, and accessible and know how to make you more effective in your day-to-day business.

We recognize that most businesses have budget constraints, so our consultants will identify those key areas where you will derive the greatest impact and will work to find the most efficient, long-term solution to deliver that benefit.

Our consultants will work with you to provide an analysis of your needs based on your current and future business requirements. Based on the outcome of the needs analysis we will create a strategy that will provide a blueprint for developing and maintaining a successful IT program, or any aspect thereof.


For many organizations, outsourcing is a key business strategy employed to cut costs and improve operating efficiency. For companies with resource constraints, limited staffing, or aggressive implementation schedules, outsourcing becomes the only logical way to achieve their goals without increasing overhead.

Most companies think of outsourcing as an offshore initiative. But here, in your own back yard, Sonimac can provide customized turnkey solutions to meet your specific needs.

An added advantage is that we not only provide IT Consulting Services, but Management Consulting Services, ensuring you get the full range of complementary added value services. From experienced Strategic Planning and Project Management, to expert implementation services, Sonimac can extend your team exactly where, how and when you need. Our skilled group of Project Managers, consultants and Systems Engineers can provide the right mix of hands-on service to best fulfill your project requirements.

Whether we handle all project components, leaving you to focus on your core competencies, or we work in conjunction with your staff to promote a higher degree of knowledge and skills transfer while reducing professional services costs, Sonimac in conjunction with its business partners offers a no no-nonsense approach to practical, effective, tailor-made solutions to your Information Technology and Management needs.